Winter Time Blues

Yes I own a fat bike, maybe two. But this year I  sucked at getting out. Normally I would ride to work at least one or two days a week during the winter but it just wasn’t in the cards this year. Life has changed and I always put family first so my time to commute is limited. Luckily I… Read more →

Worth It!

Had a busy week last week. Again not much riding was accomplished but the intent was there. I made the mistake of planning my family vacation the same week I had training for work.  I had to spend  a few days in Peoria for training but my family was leaving for Hayward so I had to pack for two trips… Read more →

Well Crap

I really wish I would write more. I really wish I would ride more. I guess even the best laid out plans can fail. July really wasn’t my month as far as riding goes. I did have fun though. Started the month out by seeing Dead & Co at the historic Wrigley Field which was one of the coolest live… Read more →

Been busy

Been a busy couple weeks with work and the family. I managed to squeeze my first century in though.  I signed up shortly after the hungry bear. Was very motivated to finally complete one and figured if I signed up I had no excuse not to. I left Saturday afternoon Memorial Day weekend. I knew that finding a place to… Read more →

Snacking Bear 60

So last week I set out to do my first every race. It was a gravel event in Northern Wisconsin called the Hungry Bear 100. Knowing that there was no way I had a century in me this early in the year I signed up for the 60 mile event, even though it was 30 miles more than any ride… Read more →