Been busy

Been a busy couple weeks with work and the family. I managed to squeeze my first century in though.  I signed up shortly after the hungry bear. Was very motivated to finally complete one and figured if I signed up I had no excuse not to. I left Saturday afternoon Memorial Day weekend. I knew that finding a place to crash at a decent price was going to be tough so I threw some camping gear in my car just in case. My goal was to try and get to Levis Mound in Neilsville and get a few miles in before sunset. That plan was soon derailed however when my friends called and said they were in the dells haha. I met up downtown with them after stooping to get a fantasy factory in Madison.  After dinner we went back to their campsite to have a few more beers and next thing you know I was crashing on the floor of someones motel room. I woke up tired and stressed at 4:00 am. I was tossing and turning all night and was just done so I hit the road to head the 2 hours north to Chippewa Falls. As I left the Dells it started to rain pretty good. It was still dark and I was exhausted so I pulled into a rest stop to ride it out and wait for the sun to come up.

It was about this time I started second guessing myself. Why did I sign up for this? I missed my family and just wanted to go home. I called my wife and she talked me down from the ledge and I agreed to ride like 50 miles then drive home so I could be with my kids. Which is what I set out to do but as I got moving I felt great. Strong and the weather was perfect i kept skipping the turn offs and stayed on the 100 mile route for the entire ride. Half way through I hit an awesome section that headed straight into a headwind for 20+ miles. Good thing I have been training with the single speed so I was used to grinding out miles in similar conditions. I put my head down and just found a gear I could stay on top off.

Soon I was passing riders. Not just one or two but a pretty good number. I wasn’t really pushing the pace but I guess my fat ass was more aerodynamic that most haha. Butt seriously I think I just happened to have the legs this day. Or so I thought as I turned the corner for the last twenty so miles my legs started cramping up. I had been pushing the fluids but sure enough my legs started hating me. I fought some decent quad cramps off and on until about five miles. We hit the back end of the park and I had enough leg to drop the group i was with and fly to the finish. it was an awesome end to an awesome ride.

Since this was Wisconsin brats and beers were waiting for us at the finish. I loved having a cold one with the riders I had been taking turns passing all day.  Had some good laugh it felt like hanging with old friend even though we just met. I guess thats what is great about the cycling community. A few of us had just finished our first century. I ended up just driving north to my parents place on Windigo Lake. I ate a slice of pizza and drank a beer before passing out only to wake up at 4am to turn around a drive home. A great weekend but I was worn out.

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